Frequently asked questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: We do not have Olive Pressée stores, but our products are sold at several retailers across Canada! You can consult the section "our points of sale" for the list of all participating retailers.


Q: I am an individual and would like to purchase the same size as my retailer. Is it possible?

A: Yes, absolutely. You can consult our website and order the 10L format. It comes in a cardboard box with a hole for the spout to stick out, like a vinier.


Q: Where can I buy empty Olive Pressée bottles?

A: At a participating retailer. Visit the "our points of sale" section for the list of all participating retailers.


Q: Can I bring my own containers to refill at a retailer?

A: You can usually bring your own containers to fill with our products. Retailers however have their own rules, so we advise you to check with your retailer first.


Q: If I place my order online, can I pick it up directly from the sore to avoid delivery charges?

A: Yes, absolutely. Just select the "pick up in store" option during checkout.