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Olive Pressée offers retailers a turnkey solution allowing them to distribute our products in a simple, ecological, hygienic and efficient way. Our sales team will be able to accompany you during the installation in your store, in order to guide you to success. Nowadays, many solutions are available to you to offer oils in bulk, but not all are equal:

1. Metal futsis
Although very beautiful, the oils find themselves continually exposed to oxidation in the air. In addition, these types of containers do not allow an efficient and safe filling in addition to requiring additional handling, which leads to an additional risk of contamination.

2. Pump cans
Very unattractive, they do a lot of damage and do not inspire confidence in customers. If you're spending thousands of dollars on your interior design and branding, why mess it all up with plastic canisters? 

“At Olive Pressée, we believe that bulk must be done in exemplary hygienic conditions. The safety of your customers is important to us! »



1. Gravity Box

Our bulk solution is aesthetic, safe and inspires confidence in customers. Overall, we use the “Bag In Box” concept arranged in a nice wooden box. The products are vacuum packed and have a guaranteed shelf life of 24 months. Moreover, since no manipulation of the products is required on your part, you can also sell organic ones. We are the only ones to offer this option!

Most of our oils already arrive in “Bag In Box” from our supplier at our request.

The advantages of “Bag In Box”: no oxidation, no damage, no rancidity, no exposure to light and no handling.

2. The Pressure Box
Just like our gravity boxes, our pressure boxes are very aesthetic, safe and inspire great confidence in consumers. With their modern look, they fit into any decor. The wow effect is guaranteed!
1. Very easy to use, these boxes are 100% autonomous: no electrical connection is necessary so they never break down.
2. No Co2;
3. Maintenance: These boxes require minimal, quick and easy maintenance;
4. They are very affordable;
5. Self-installation: They are accessible to everyone, install quickly and easily.
6. Product flow as fast and efficient as pump dispensers (10 to 20 seconds/L, depending on product viscosity);
Advantage for your customer
: Constant flow even at the end of the bag;
Benefit for you
: no need to put weight on the bag to speed up the flow;

7. The bag is easily replaced in less than 30 seconds;
8. 100% hygienic: No handling of the product, no risk of cross contamination;
9. They fit easily into your shelves and are modular;
10. Anti-waste box with less than 1% product loss.
11. Eco-responsible: In addition to encouraging zero waste consumption, the construction and maintenance of these boxes requires 30 to 40 times less resources than a tap dispenser!


Environmental Benefits

1 pallet of “bag in box” olive oil contains 1200 liters for 9.5 kg of plastic. In barrels, it is 800 liters. The bag is sent to you without any further handling. 

    • The "bag in box" requires 80% less plastic than its equivalent in volume;
    • It requires less storage space;
    • No hot water washing required.

Once the boxes or dispensers are installed in your store, you can simply order bags of oil or vinegar. The change of bag is done in a few seconds only.

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