Our business and its eco-responsible mission



It all started in 2013 when we opened our bulk olive oils and balsamic vinegars store. We had two very simple objectives: to democratize quality olive oil and to encourage customers to bring back their bottle. The enthusiasm was instantaneous!

Quickly, more than half of our sales came from customers returning their bottle!Thus, our mission has become increasingly clear: Multiply our points of sale by developing a turnkey concept for retailers!

Over the years, our concept has been refined and we have introduced other products, such as canola and avocado oil, in order to meet the demand of our customers. We currently have over 30 different products in bulk which are now available in https://v2.langify-app.com/pages/571211#over a hundred retailers across Canada.



"Au Québec, la consommation responsable est définie comme un mode de consommation qui tient compte des principes de développement durable, c’est-à-dire qu’elle est à la fois respectueuse de l’environnement, bénéfique pour l’économie (notamment l’économie locale), bonne pour la santé et positive pour la société."

- Government of Quebec


Although responsible consumption remains a choice, society faces constant social pressure with regard to the environmental situation. Indeed, although these ecological principles are not 100% rooted in all Quebecers, more and more eco-responsible businesses are opening their doors to allow consumers to take their first steps in their ecological approach or to continue their momentum. Organic products, local consumption, "zero waste", transportation electrification, alternative consumption... Quebec is in the midst of change!


What Olive Pressée offers you to help you in your approach

Our company was founded with the objective of offering consumers a way to consume in an eco-responsible way, while enjoying very high quality products. More specifically, waste reduction has become our main focus. Thanks to bulk, we achieve this very efficiently without skimping on the quality of the products.We make it a point of honor to provide you with the best products with the smallest possible ecological footprint, at a competitive price.